Welcome to the Reiser4 Wiki, the Wiki for users and developers of the ReiserFS and Reiser4 filesystems.

For now, most of the documentation is just a snapshot of the old Namesys site (archive.org, 2007-09-29).

There was also a Reiser4 Wiki (archive.org, 2007-07-06) once on pub.namesys.com.


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When Namesys was still in place, there was a TODO list (archive.org) to work on to get Reiser4 into mainline. This URL is no more and a lot of changes have been made to Reiser4, the most current TODO list we have is from April 2009 and there're still enough tasks left to be done:

That being said, reiser4 inclusion seems to be in sight, rumor has it that another attempt will be made in late 2010 or early 2011.

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