Most of the documentation is a snapshot of the old Namesys site (, 2007-09-29).

There was also a Reiser4 Wiki (, 2007-07-06) once on

Reiser4 development appears to have stalled and ReiserFS is deprecated and scheduled to be removed from mainline Linux in 2025.

Reiser4 patchsets

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Please help with testing Reiser4 and report any issues to the mailinglist!


Stable patchsets

As reiser4 is still not in mainline, Edward Shishkin is kind enough to provide patches for the stable version of the Linux kernel.

Standalone reiser4 tree

According to Reiser4 Upstream Git Repositories on GitHub, this is how the the standalone tree can be used.

Download the latest Reiser4 kernel patch and patch the kernel:


cd /usr/local/src/linux-git
git checkout -b reiser-5 v5.0
gzip -dc ~/reiser4-for-5.0.0.patch.gz | patch -p1

Replace fs/reiser4 with the standalone version:

rm -r fs/reiser4
cd ../

git clone reiser4-git
cd reiser4-git/
git archive --format=tar --prefix=reiser4/ HEAD | tar -C ../linux-git/fs/ -xvf -

Be sure to adjust the directories as necessary on your system!

With that, we should be able to build the kernel now:

cd ../linux-git/
make menuconfig
 > enable CONFIG_BLOCK
make ...

Distribution packages


openSUSE is building reiser4 packages too:

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