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For now, most of the documentation is just a snapshot of the old Namesys site (archive.org, 2007-09-29).

There was also a Reiser4 Wiki (archive.org, 2007-07-06) once on pub.namesys.com.


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The mount options for Reiser4 are currently only "documented" in [1]:

  • tmgr.atom_max_size - Atoms containing more than N blocks will be forced to commit. N is decimal
  • tmgr.atom_max_age - Atoms older than N seconds will be forced to commit. N is decimal.
  • tmgr.atom_min_size - In committing an atom to free dirty pages, force the atom less than N in size to fuse with another one.
  • tmgr.atom_max_flushers - limit of concurrent flushers for one atom. 0 means no limit.
  • tree.cbk_cache.nr_slots - Number of slots in the cbk cache.
  • flush.relocate_threshold - If flush finds more than FLUSH_RELOCATE_THRESHOLD adjacent dirty leaf-level blocks it will force them to be relocated.
  • flush.relocate_distance - If flush finds can find a block allocation closer than at most FLUSH_RELOCATE_DISTANCE from the preceder it will relocate to that position.
  • flush.written_threshold - If we have written this much or more blocks before encountering busy jnode in flush list - abort flushing hoping that next time we get called this jnode will be clean already, and we will save some seeks.
  • flush.scan_maxnodes - The maximum number of nodes to scan left on a level during flush.
  • optimal_io_size - The preferred IO size
  • tree.carry.new_node_flags - This instruct to carry flags used for insertion of new nodes
  • tree.carry.new_extent_flags - This instruct to carry flags used for insertion of new extents
  • tree.carry.paste_flags - This instruct to carry flags used for paste operations
  • tree.carry.insert_flags - This instruct to carry flags used for insert operations
  • altsuper - Alternative master superblock location in case if it's original location is not writeable/accessable. This is offset in BYTES.
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