Most of the documentation is a snapshot of the old Namesys site (, 2007-09-29).

There was also a Reiser4 Wiki (, 2007-07-06) once on

Reiser4 development appears to have stalled and ReiserFS is deprecated and scheduled to be removed from mainline Linux in 2025.

Debug Reiser4progs

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Debug Reiser4progs with GDB

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Reiser4progs:

   $ git clone

2. Compile and build static binaries with debugging symbols:

   $ cd reiser4progs
   $ ./prepare
   $ ./configure --enable-debug --enable-full-static
   $ make

Troubleshooting. If you use Fedora distro, then make command can fail with the following:

    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -luuid" during compilation

Possible solution:

   $ cd /usr/lib64
   $ sudo mv libuuid.so_
   $ sudo ln -s

3. Run gdb against needed binary that can be found in ./progs directory. For example:

   $ gdb progs/fsck/fsck.reiser4
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