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For now, most of the documentation is just a snapshot of the old Namesys site (archive.org, 2007-09-29).

There was also a Reiser4 Wiki (archive.org, 2007-07-06) once on pub.namesys.com.


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Compile-Time Options for Configuring ReiserFS

These are compile-time options that affect the functionality of ReiserFS. You can set them up during the configuration stage of the Linux kernel build:

 make config
 make menuconfig
 make xconfig


Build ReiserFS. It may be built either into the kernel or as a stand alone kernel module.


If you set this to yes, then ReiserFS will perform every check it can possibly imagine of its internal consistency throughout its operation. It will also go substantially slower. Use of this option allows our team to go all out in checking for consistency when debugging without fear of its effect on the end user. If you are on the verge of sending in a bug report, say yes and you might get a useful error message. Almost everyone else should say No.


Create under /proc/fs/reiserfs hierarchy of files, displaying various ReiserFS statistics and internal data on the expense of making your own kernel or module slightly larger (8k). This also increases the amount of kernel memory required for each mount. Almost everyone but ReiserFS developers and people fine-tuning ReiserFS or tracing problems should say No.


Setting this to yes will enable a set of ioctls that provide raw interface to the ReiserFS tree, bypass the directories, and automatically remove aged files. This is an experimental feature designed for squid cache directories. See Documentation/filesystems/reiserfs_raw.txt This was designed specifically to use ReiserFS as a back-end for the Squid. The general idea is that it is possible to bypass all filesystem overhead and to directly address the ReiserFS internal tree. This is not in the stock kernels.


Enables ioctl for manipulating the bitmap. This can used as a crude form of badblock handling. The real solution is still underway. This variable is unavailable through kernel configuration procedures. Edit include/linux/reiserfs_fs.h manually, then take a look at the available mount options.

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